Wedding trends 2022

by Volodimir Melnichuk on Aug 14, 2022

Wedding trends 2022


1️⃣ Minimalism
The pursuit of minimalism continues and seems to be with us for a long time. Experts note, for example, the return of monobouquets. In invitations, typographic layout of polygraphy, laconic and minimalist design are in vogue. Three whales" weddings in a minimalist style: a lot of white, laconic images of the newlyweds and discreet floristry.

2️⃣ Bridesmaids
The end of the era is approaching when bridesmaids flaunted in wedding photographs in absolutely identical dresses. The task of the bride in this case is to choose a single concept so that each of her friends can choose the silhouette and shade that suits her.

 3️⃣ Floral arranging

Fresh flowers are an eternal trend, a true classic of wedding decor. The ease of the ceremony allows you to abandon garden roses and use wild flowers and herbs. And it's not only about decorating the space, but also about the bride's bouquet, boutonniere.

4️⃣ Technologies
One of the trends in 2022 is the direction towards electronic invitations. But this does not at all mean that the design is stingy, rather, on the contrary, it opens up new frontiers, because you can implement an electronic invitation not only in image format, but also in the form of an animated invitation. In the US, this is the 2020-2022 trend.

5️⃣ Sweets
In 2022, among the fashionable patterns for unusual cakes from the candy bar, and the most important treat of the holiday, is marble. Experiment with colors and shapes, but use the marbled texture for delicate and sophisticated treats! .

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning another important wedding trend - this is a more conscious and collaborative approach to organizing a celebration. Preparing for a wedding is not only the concern of one bride, because this is a common holiday, which means that most issues should be resolved together☝️.

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